Welcome to our new 35 Day Detox website.  Which just like life is in a constant state of change.  We hope you can take some time to explore the variety of subjects covered.  Your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated, as they in turn help fuel our evolution too.

So you have found yourself here not by accident (and there is no such thing as a coincidence), seeking information on how to make a change of some description.  Maybe you don’t even know what to change or why, all it takes is a feeling that things could be better.  That’s where we all start.  And we start over again and again, constantly upgrading our lives.  Seeking to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

From The Book

35 Day Detox – Manifesting Change – presenting original content from the 2014 book by Suzanne Honnor Stokes
Our favourite recipes that are all dairy, gluten and refined sugar free
A comprehensive baking section that has recipes modified to be egg-free (for Vegans and those that family members with a food intolerance)
Examples of suggested shopping lists and meal plans
A range of yoga poses and sequences for beginners, and athletes
Feng Shui suggestions and other pragmatic advice for implementing change

From The Challenge

The 35 Day Detox Challenge – a five week program to push the reset button on life. To create a healthier and happier you.  Here we provide the framework to allow you to journey into your thoughts and actions, and make small changes that create a sense of ease and alignment with your true purpose. 

Signup for the Nov/Dec program is closed now.  There are a few more days of the Scorpian energy (that’s what’s caused us to look inwards) but soon the Sun will move to Sagittarius and there will be a vibe of lightness and sense of adventure (and change) we can tap into.   The holiday season is coming – but there is always time for self-care – filling the tanks so you are at your best.  And setting yourself up for 2018 to be looking like a year you want in your life.

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