When the student is ready, the teacher (or programme) will appear.

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

When the student is ready, the teacher (or programme) will appear.

reflections of the 35 day detox challenge

Recently we asked Client to give us her reflections regarding the 35 Day Detox Challenge.  We know there can be a perception that the Challenge is just another “diet plan”.  And actually for some people it is that – but it can be so much more!

As a little background this client is in her mid-thirties and has been visiting the yoga studio weekly for over 12 months.  Her birthday was looming and she mentioned the need for a “life detox”.  Well we had the answer for that, and this was the outcome.

  • Intention is everything

During my second lunar cycle of the programme, my focus waived from the energy of the lunar cycle to the family event I was attending that month (my mind was overrun by self-esteem issues – which turned out to be lesson in the end). My weekly ‘lunar tasks’ became mechanical, and I became disconnected from the energy of the moon. The lessons still came but were sharper in nature (harder to recognise and process, took longer to integrate, and overall the cycle felt energetically ‘scattered’). This was a big contrast to the first lunar cycle, when I was in greater flow with the lunar energy, the lessons were clearer, ‘gentler’ and I felt more connected to them and the energy that was. I have learned that the scattered feeling I sometimes get is because of resistance to the energy I am in.

  • I am my own limiting beliefs

Whatever it is, whoever it is – it is always your mind that is the obstacle, not your external reality. Learn to recognise the way you create your own obstacles through your perception of reality. Once you recognise the way you create your own limitations, the illusion of the obstacle will disappear.

  •  There is deep truth in your external reality being your mirror

What shows up for you in your external environment reflects where you need to put your focus (i.e., where things are out of balance for you). This played out practically for me through the physical spaces I allowed things to accumulate/clutter (and their connection to areas of my life), bodily sensations (mostly my head) and the way I experienced the world (interactions with and what showed up in my reality). When you connect to and ‘listen’ to your external reality, you will ‘hear’ where you are out of balance.

  • Work with the cards you are dealt for a particular cycle through to the very end

Don’t change your focus mid-way, really listen to what shows up for you by week three and stick with it – otherwise the universe will send you a not-so-gentle reminder about what your focus should be, and/or things will feel scattered and disconnected throughout the lunar process and you won’t recognise what’s what.

  • Don’t borrow energy from other phases of the lunar cycle

This one is about being in flow with the energy of the lunar cycle and not creating energetic resistance or borrowing energy – when I did this, things will feel edgy and out of flow (either energetically dense or over-stimulated).

  • Rest and integration are as much of the process as is the ‘doing’

My biggest struggle and my ongoing life lesson at present. My masculine/feminine imbalance where I’m good at the doing, and not so good at the surrendering/allowing. My physical body literally has to stop me at times. Because I am good at the doing, the lessons do come to me, but what I have come to realise is that this is the part of the process that determines the degree to which the lessons are received/understood, integrated and embodied. My life-long lack of allowing (cue control tactics) has manifested itself in the form of migraines, dizziness, a constant overly-busy mind, skin issues (I believe this is linked to my over-representation of masculine energy) and that old ‘knot’ the bodywork practitioner found in my shoulder (on the meridian line that is linked to…. you guessed it, a busy mind!). I have learned that expression of feminine energy is not putting on lipstick and nail polish but is itself the surrendering into what is. All that’s left for me to do now is the (not so) simple act of applying these learnings practically!

  • Control, control, control

This is the other side of the coin to the learning above. I have learned that the more I try to control my physical reality, the greater the resistance I create in the end (harsher lessons, harder to recognise, almost ‘victim mentality’ because I have separated myself from the universal energy). It may appear that at the time of controlling a situation that things are fine and dandy, but my goodness do the lessons hit hard at the end.

  • Surrender and be present

Surrender and presence create energetic stillness. It is from this space where you hear the universe speak to you loud and clear.


We are grateful to receive this valuable feedback – and share it here with the hope that it will resonate with the right people.  If you are called to make those life changes then the link to the program is here:


Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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