Learn the bigger picture and re-focus


Do you wish you had a guidebook on how to ‘do life’?

Many of us feel frustrated when things in life don’t work out. What if we could see things from a new perspective? It would mean we could understand whether to give it another go! Let us help guide you.

Become the best version of you.

At 35 Day Detox, we can help you to make sense of your life

Learn from your past

The 35 Day Detox Challenge introduces you to astrology. By learning about the bigger picture via the planets you will learn how to ‘reframe’ your past and gain a new perspective.

Connect to the present

By learning about the influence of astrology you’ll learn how to make decisions with support from the universe. Armed with this knowledge you can live mindfully in the present and be yourself.

Improve your relationships

Do you want to improve your relationship with others? One of the key ways to achieve this is be seeing things from their perspective. The Challenge guides you how to achieve this.

Take control of your future

Through astrology, we teach you how to understand how your actions are affected by energy flows. We give you tools that make it easier for you to make decisions, form better relationships and navigate through life.

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My 35 Day Detox Challenge uses astrology to help you make sense of your life. It provides you guidance and tools that help you plan your actions and live more mindfully. 


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The Challenge 35dd

The Challenge

The signature 35 Day Detox program

Join my 35 Day journey that begins when you feel that you are ready. Learn to master the 7 Principles and reconnect with your Mind, Body and Soul. Featuring over 35 lessons on my eLearning platform in addition to dozens of videos and PDF Downloads. This is the all natural detox cleanse that you deserve.

You will also receive an exclusive 1-2-1 consultation with me to guide you on your 35 day journey.

The 7 Principles of the 35 Day Detox

Energy Management Chakras Circle

Energy Management



Healthy Eating Food circle

Healthy Eating

Physical Fitness circle

Physical Fitness



Yoga circle


Emotional Fitness Feng Shui circle

Emotional Fitness

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