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The 35 Day Challenge

Feeling Disconnected
or need to change?

This challenge is perfect for you
to hit the reset button
and get on-track.

Why Now?

You are at life’s cross-road (a major life decision point – changing jobs, relationships, retirement)

Dealing with an overwhelming level of change (grief from loss, excessive stress, financial hardship)

Feeling disconnected and lost (emotional burnout, isolation, a feeling there is more to life)

You have a growing awareness of the need to change (walking the spiritual path, concern for the environment)

What is this program all about? You might ask!

35 Days

Starting the week before the new moon and then finishing 5 weeks later on the day before the next new moon.


The act of letting go, or clearing out. It applies equally to food choices, clutter around the home (or in your hand/gym bag), thoughts that don’t serve you, and emotions that are no longer relevant.


We are all doing it, all the time. We are the authors of our own life experiences. Our plan can be to consciously choose the next chapter.


The only constant in our lives. Nothing stays the same. Which is in fact the opportunity!


The state of awareness of recognising another thread of something within oneself. Thought/emotion/belief/understanding/truth – it’s hard to name – but once you glimpse it’s presence you are on a journey. It is responsible for everything, and it’s that looking within, that we are focused on.

Suz with Arbonne products

Meet Suz Stokes

Yoga Teacher and Founder of the 35 Day Detox

Suz loves to witness the seismic shifts that are possible in her clients’ lives.  She sees them becoming radiant and able to cope with whatever life throws their way.  Practically they are reducing pain, ditching reliance on OTC drugs, and losing weight.

These changes are possible through the principles of the 35 Day Detox and are available to all clients when small changes are done consistently with intention.  It was Suz’s light-bulb moment when she realised there was a road-map to personal transformation beyond what was available from modern self-help books.  This knowledge took her from Executive to Ironman; trading high-heels for yoga pants, and from fast-paced Dubai to the beautiful Kapiti Coast.

Her desire is to lead the 35 Day Detox as a heart-centred offering to her clients.  Her core values are authenticity, compassion and connection.

What you get


Weekly Email

A weekly email with 5 key changes to implement that particular week (based on the lunar energy)


Video Lectures

Supporting video content to explain the how and why of those 5 changes



Regular messages to keep you focused, motivated and inspired to change


Lots of Content

Bonus PDF downloads that you can use to shed more light on your personal journey

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*Prior to each New Moon a full refund if you decide it’s not a fit for you


May 6, 2019
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The 35 Day Detox programme is honestly life-changing. The ideas and knowledge behind the program manifest your mind into a different perspective of thinking. You not only gain knowledge behind food but also how to live simply, effortlessly and re-connect to your mind to move on and succeed with your life-battling challenges. Suzanne’s way of thinking and bringing information to help guide you is hard to explain because she uses her words in a way to help you easily understand but yet gives you enough confidence to challenge your thinking and accomplish tasks or challenges you never thought you would be able to do. I 100% recommend and stand behind the 35 Day Detox programme. If you are feeling a bit lost, need guidance with anything in life and want to understand why and what we put into and do with our body is so important than this programme is perfect for you. Suzanne will help and heal you in a manner you never thought was possible.
Kelly McAvinue
March 24, 2019
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The programme gave me energy and motivation. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, people can open up and feel safe. Despite the conversations being varied and often raw, I never felt like I was judged, There was a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. Suzanne doesn’t hold back, she is extremely insightful, very wise, and knowledgable. She is able to be blunt and to the point when discussing an individual’s growth – yet she does it in a way that dosen’t offend. I think it is that she has a big heart and is always in integrity. She walks the talk and it shows in the smoothness of her skin, how she looks 20 years younger than she is and has a fitness level an 18 year old would be envious off. But above all it is her wisdom that I find inspiring. I had many useful insights during the 35 detox programme. What can I say. Do the 35 day detox! You won’t regret it!
May 16, 2019
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I loved this programme! it was broken down into manageable bite sized tasks each week which helped me to improve not only my life but I managed to influence my Husband to change certain aspects of his life too. I was motivated to move more, eat better and not only was my thinking much clearer I was more positive about life in general. There was so much variety throughout the 5 weeks, something different to work on each week and I could choose what I wanted to focus on. I loved the decluttering aspect and the focus on breathing and yoga to support a healthy mind and body. Suzanne was incredibly supportive throughout the course using various mediums to communicate. I would recommend this course to anyone that is ready to make a long term lifestyle change, it gives you some awesome tools and it is a great stepping stone to a healthier happier life.
Nicole Macquet
May 17, 2019
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I have completed the 35 Day Detox programme a number of times now. Each has been a different experience with valuable learnings and insights. The programme helped me learn more about the concept of detoxing, letting go not only of unhealthy foods but also the emotional baggage which contributes to us living unhealthy lives. I have learnt to align my personal development with the spiritual journey towards better living. Suzanne provides guidance and support during the programme bringing awareness to our approach to food and emotion whilst challenging our assumptions about what healthy living means. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who is looking at a more spiritual way of making a lifestyle change.

Together We Will​

Together we will
  • Meet you at wherever you are on your journey right now
  • Offer a proven framework to tackle the hard decisions (as well as the overlooked)
  • Provide informative and practical education about well-being
  • Inspire you to take a leap of faith – and motivate you to continue when it gets tough
  • Laugh and rejoice in all the progress you make

The 35 Day Detox Challenge is a wide-ranging and systematic approach to personal development.  It encompasses all the main areas of your life.  However there is no expectation that anyone will do all the things available.  Rather it makes sense to pick the areas that most relate to your present situation and focus on them.

 The Challenge takes place over a 5 week period.  With the first week being before the New Moon, and the remaining 4 weeks closely following the lunar cycle.  The Challenge peaks at the Full Moon with an optional juice fast, but continues through to the dark phase of the moon when the energy is at it weakest.  At this point life goes back to normal – albeit a new normal – as new thoughts and actions have crept in and become new habits. 

When and for How long should you do this?

Because the program is gentle and doesn’t take a large commitment within daily life it can be continued for another cycle.  Or take a break and jump back on-board when the time is right again.  We recommend from 1 to 3 cycles before taking a break and letting your outer life catch up with the new You.  This is something we can do each year.

Following the seasons (as well as the lunar astrology) we know those times of transition are the most powerful – the Equinoxes of March and September, and the Solstices of June and December – making these months the best months for manifesting change in your life..

The Weekly Program

Week 1 – a gentle start where we document a personal goal for the Challenge, sending a few signals to the Universe to commit to the change.  Energy will be low so we incorporate plenty of fresh fruit (and veges) into our diet.

Week 2 – with the New Moon we identify the foods and habits that will be let go of during the next 4 weeks.  We write the New Moon to-do/intention list and determine what and when things need to be done.

Week 3 – we tackle breaking the sugar issue head on.  With substitute foods and other activities. 

Week 4 – our focus turns more towards the emotions and thoughts that drive our days and actions.

Week 5 – is a wrap on the Challenge and a chance to see the shifts that have already taken place.  It can also be week 1, as you start again but not from the same place.

Like the fact that yoga without breath is exercise (which is still good for you), this program without yoga will only take you part of the way.  A commitment to a 10 – 15 minute daily yoga self-practice truly unlocks your full potential for fast-tracking personal development. 

Logistically about 30 minutes a day is needed to work through the self-study and practical tasks that support the Challenge.

Prepare to be inspired to make the changes you dream of …

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*Prior to each New Moon a full refund if you decide it’s not a fit for you