Well done you.

I am so happy you’re here. You have just made the brave first step to become a new you. One who is calmer, stronger and more in control than ever before. This is a really exciting time to be you.

Let me guide you through what The Challenge is, the different parts and how they come together to benefit your mind, body & soul. 

Are you ready to push the reset button on your life?

The Challenge

The 35 Day Detox signature program

Only 35 Days To Change Your Life

What is 35 days really? Out of a whole year, or perhaps over the course of your entire life. It’s a drop in the ocean. After years of research, I discovered that 35 days, tied to the lunar cycle, is precisely the right length of time to detox. It’s long enough to break decades of bad habits whilst developing positive and profound changes in your life. The Challenge is far more than just a detox program, you are investing in yourself by learning a road-map to personal transformation. These are precious skills that last a lifetime.

Learn To Master The 7 Principles

The 7 Principles form the cornerstone of the 35 Day Detox Challenge. They are equally important and include: Energy Management, Purpose, Mindfulness, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Emotional Fitness and Physical Fitness. You will learn to master them all and become a stronger, more confident and more mindful individual in the process.

Eat Healthy & Affordable Foods

In this program there are no expensive, specifically branded foods required. I guide you through buying every day foods you find in every day places. You will create quick, delicious meals for yourself or your whole family that will keep you fuelled for longer. They are all Dairy, Gluten and Refined Sugar free.

For Everyone Of Any Fitness Level

I created the 35 Day Detox Challenge for everyone. Whether you are a twenty something fitness fanatic or in your late sixties with sports injuries. The Challenge can and will manifest change in your life as long as you are physically mobile without assistance. What matters more however, is that you commit 100% of your being to the program.

100% Online e-Learning Platform

The 35 Day Detox Challenge is based purely online. It’s delivered via this website from your own personal account. It saves your progress and features over 35 lessons, video lectures and bonus PDF downloads. You can use any internet connected device to access the program but I do recommend you choose Google Chrome as the web browser for the best experience possible.

1-2-1 Consultation With Suz

I am your guide and your champion. I am there for you when you need me most. A one hour consultation with me is included when you purchase the 35 Day Detox Challenge. You are in control and you choose when you would like to talk during your journey.

Suz Stokes private consultation

This is the detox you deserve, the one you have been waiting for. Profound change after 35 days of commitment. I’m proud of you for reaching this point and I’m excited to be your champion as you embark on this journey.


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Profound change in only a few steps with commitment

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The signature 35 Day Detox program

The 35 Day Detox Challenge is 100% online based and delivered via our e-Learning Platform on this website. As a result you do need to create a free account to link everything together. It also saves your progress to resume later! During the checkout process you will be asked to create your account or login.

Once your payment has been processed, access to The Challenge is provided immediately. We recommend you embark on your journey in line with the lunar cycle however the choice is yours. The main thing is you start The Challenge when you feel the time is right. Ready to take the next step?

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