Yoga can benefit you at any stage of life!

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

Yoga can benefit you at any stage of life!

Jane tree pose

Recently we asked Client to give us her story about how yoga has changed her life.

As a little background this client came to the studio for the first time six months ago.  She had recently turned 70, hadn’t done yoga, or been interested in it prior to this new adventure.

From Jane:

I briefly attended a communal yoga class before we went into our first Covid lockdown.  I enjoyed it and the teacher was great. But it was difficult to know if I was doing what she was telling us. If I found a pose difficult, I just stopped and waited until we moved on to the next one. That class stopped when lockdown started.

Suzanne walks her dogs on my local beach.  I knew she had a private yoga studio, and I eventually asked her if she would consider taking me on for a yoga class.  I was 70 years old and wanted to build up my upper body strength.

I attended the first class with trepidation having never been “bendy” or “balanced”.  I was acutely aware I was no longer a young woman.

Suzanne’s classes are one-on-one.  From the beginning I completely surprised myself (and probably Suzanne) by absolutely loving my weekly class.  Suzanne tailors the class to my needs and has consistently supported and encouraged my yoga journey. With a weekly class and 15-20 mins practice a day, I have improved no end.  The benefits of yoga show in my daily life.  My balance has improved considerably, and I have more confidence in my movement.

Never in a million years did I think this 70-year-old woman would love yoga.  I look forward to my weekly class.  I look forward to the laughter, the challenge and to feeling great as I walk home.

Thank goodness I found Suzanne!!

From Suz:

When Jane asked about yoga classes my initial reaction was guarded.  I was unsure, so thought that it would be best to see if the interest was real, or more of a whim.  After a few tentative start dates Jane arrived in the studio.  Within the first few minutes I recognised a kindred spirit.  One who takes things seriously and is prepared to do the work to achieve a goal.  This is a great trait on the yoga journey as it ensures that even when there are reasons not to do your own yoga the true student will show up.

I listened to where Jane was at physically and then crafted a plan.  Yes it was upper body strength she was after but first we had to create the stability and core strength to support working on the shoulders and arms.

Within a few months we had Jane holding a beautiful full plank pose.

I often joke that my studio has a predominance of over-achievers, but Jane has been humble enough to become the student, and above all we are having a laugh as we grow together.

The potential for injury is an issue (as it is with all of us) but Jane has been quick to ask, listen and learn.  Correcting the pose was all that was needed to stop any damage and build a more sustainable practice She has empowered herself with the knowledge, and I have been guided by where she is heading.

What an inspiration!

We are grateful to receive this valuable feedback – and share it here with the hope that it will resonate with the right people.  If you are called to learn YOGA then the link to the online program is here:

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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