New Moon In Cancer Newsletter

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

New Moon In Cancer Newsletter

New Moon In Cancer 

The change from the waning to waxing of the moon today is akin to moving from one yoga pose to another. So don’t be surprised at the instability of this weekend. It’s the natural order of things. By Monday we are back. Keep a steady breath to ground and centre yourself


The Solstice and Matariki (NZ Maori New Year) are both important markers for the mid-point (or turning) of the year.  Here in the Southern Hemisphere it’s when the winter weather truly kicks in, yet it also heralds that within a few months Spring and Summer will return

This last month has been the most challenging for me on a personal level.  Just 10 months after losing my husband to cancer I lost our beloved dog Buster to cancer also. It’s almost too much to even write about a new moon in that sign.  But the sign of Cancer is not the problem – it just an unfortunate naming coincidence

One thing I do know though is that the 35 Day Detox Challenge is a perfect way to stay tethered to the rhythms of life and provide a structured way to come back from the brink – and to see the possibilities of a future.  Not one that you had planned on – but one that has value nonetheless.


So the fresh juice challenge started at the end of May and is still going strong.  Having a fresh vegetable and fruit juice each day has definitely helped to provide natural energy, nutrients and enzymes.  Equally importantly has been the commitment to something on a daily basis.  Firstly to provide routine and  structure in times of change, and secondly to give a sense of achievement for staying the course

Competition Time

So last month’s competition was a fizz.  Maybe see above for the fact that my attention was elsewhere.  And also an important lesson for me in what I think is important is not necessarily so for others.  Time to regroup and reconsider.  Good news is that we have some new products being added to the company which will broaden the offerings for more things healthy

This month will be the final 35 Day Challenge for a couple of months while we absorb all the changes that have taken place, restarting again at the equinox of September/October.  The Spring Detox is always a popular option so please register your interest early via email to Suzanne at

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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