YOGA Series 1 – Standing Twist Sequence

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

YOGA Series 1 – Standing Twist Sequence

yoga chair twisted pose

In order to be RUN FIT you will need single leg strength, balance and flexibility of the hamstrings. This challenging sequence will work on all these points! It has a secondary benefit of stimulating the digestive system.

After warming up with a Sun Salutation sequence extend the practice to include some twists.   

Hold each pose for 3 – 5 deep inhale/exhale breaths through the nose.  Repeat the entire sequence 3 times for a 10 minute practice.

Start at the top of your mat, bend knees, engage core muscles, and on the inhale sweep arms up towards the sky and sit back into the imaginary Chair.  Exhale and bring hands together in front of chest, inhale to lift the chest higher, exhale and twist to the right placing left elbow over right knee for Twisted Chair, on the exhale step left leg back into Twisted High Lunge, inhale and step the left leg forward and release the right arm back for Twisted Hand to Leg, on the exhale float the left leg back and place the knee on the ground, place right hand on the floor and reach the left hand to the sky for Twisted Low Lunge, place both hands on the floor and step the left leg in a little, bow over the right leg for a hamstring stretch in Pyramid to finish the sequence. 

Come back to the top of the mat and repeat on the other side.


yoga chair pose
  • Big toes together and heels slightly apart
  • Engage core to keep the back neutral
  • Bend deeply at ankles and knees
  • Turn little fingers in to open upper back muscles
  • Look towards the hands

Twisted Chair

  • Sink hips lower with the exhale
  • Pull knee back to square the hips to the front
  • Inhale to deepen the twist
  • Pull top shoulder back and down to open through the chest
  • Look up if the neck is OK, or to the hands

Twisted High Lunge

twisted high lunge pose
  • Bend front knee so it is in line with ankle
  • Push through back heel to straighten the leg
  • Apply equal pressure from knee and elbow to deepen the twist
  • Aim to stack shoulder over shoulder
  • Pull shoulders away from ears

Twisted Hand to Leg pose

twisted big toe pose
  • Engage standing leg to lengthen through the hip
  • Apply equal pressure between hand and knee to assist the twist
  • Keep hips facing forward and twist from the waist
  • Stretch arm through to fingertips for strengthen and stability
  • Slowly bring eye gaze to the back of the room and twist a little further

Twisted Low Lunge

  • Drop to knee and flatten out the foot
  • Sink deep into the lunge to stretch the hip flexors
  • Keep hips parallel to the front of the mat
  • Push hand into mat to lengthen the upper body


pyrimad pose
  • Turn back foot out to 45 degrees or stay on toes
  • Micro bend the front leg if hamstrings are particularly tight
  • Bend from the hips
  • Engage core before bending
  • Pull shoulders back away from ears
  • Place hands on front shin if stretch is too much

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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