YOGA for relaxation meditations

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

YOGA for relaxation meditations

yoga for relaxation meditations

We get it – meditation and relaxation are hard. Our current world is moving at such a fast pace that we feel we don’t have time to stop.

An old Buddhist saying is that if you don’t have time for 10 minutes meditation a day – then you need to do 20 minutes ๐Ÿ˜‰

This playlist includes the short versions of guided meditations I use at the end of a yoga class – or sometimes instead of a practice. It doesn’t take long to drop into a moment of stillness, and from that space you will see the potential for expansion and change within your life.

Choose the version that feels right for you at this time and make a commitment to make time for yourself each day. You may notice that your quality of sleep improves. Other potential benefits include: gaining a different perspective on your life situation, being more present, reduced anxiety levels, and/or confidence to move forward with your life.

I hope you enjoy!


Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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