Week by Week review of the 35 Day Detox Challenge

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

Week by Week review of the 35 Day Detox Challenge

Recently we asked Client to give us a review of her experience with the 35 Day Detox Challenge. 

As a little background this client is from the US and is in her early twenties.  She stayed with Suz as part of the HelpX community before moving to the South Island of New Zealand.


What a great experience to go through the program for the first time with two eclipses happening in the month.  Below you will find a review of the 35 day detox program from each week.

Week 1

I decided to write my list from the most important food I wanted to take from my diet to the least important.  Since I already don’t eat gluten, meat and dairy (for the most part) my list started with alcohol, sugar, preservatives (anything that had a number on the ingredient list) and lastly processed foods.  Next was the decision of what I wanted to get out of the 35 Day Detox Program, my main goal was to start sticking up for myself and saying no to others.  I bought a new toothbrush, which made me oddly feel amazing to brush my teeth after the cups of tea at work.  I went back to some Ayurveda principles and started adding warm lemon water in the morning to wake up my digestive system (I will never go without this drink in the morning) and lastly, the only item I didn’t do from the notes that was sent was taking advantage of technology.  I get too obsessive and a bit stressed when it comes to app’s that track food and exercise so I decided that another time to bring this into the program would probably benefit me more so I don’t overwhelm myself.  This week was nice, it made me feel like I was getting really organised (and being a Virgo, you probably know how important that is to me).  The energy from writing everything down on a nice piece of paper to little exercise everyday was satisfying.

Week 2

This week was really hard for me.  I began to realise that I was living in a place that I couldn’t actually fully think to clear my head for my new future.  Thankfully, I reached out and Suz reminded me that a safe and personal environment is exactly what I need to grow from.  Luckily, the Dunedin Garden’s offered that for me for the time being.  I set small personal goals for myself (a plane ticket to visit my family this year – that I just recently purchased!), finding a new home ASAP and lastly little plans of what I wanted to do in the future this year aside from Accounting (like Yoga certification), learning more about investments and plans for having my own vegan food ruck.  I cut out the alcohol and sugar this week (two items to mark off the list).  I also spent a bit more time at the grocery looking at the ingredients list for preservatives.  Yikes!

Week 3

I started decluttering my side of the room.  I also really began to see how hard it was to do this without my own personal space.  By the end of the week, I found a new place to live.  (Yay!)  Keeping money on me was a nice mind game.  I always had thoughts about how I could buy chocolate in the machine at work, but my self-control was more than that.  I was so emotional by the end of the week though, I ended up with a few zits on my face and even went to the movies by myself and bought a fizzy.

Week 4

I went back to my list to cross out the last items.  I also think the little movie incident pushed me to have full control of my eating this week.  It’s interesting what a small treat can do to yourself.  I now finally have a small wind down before bed.  I never believed in this until I made myself do it for the upcoming weeks and I sleep so much better.

Week 5

I was going to do another cycle but for some reason, I didn’t.  I have no explanation for why I didn’t either and honestly this month had been so chaotic for me, I accomplished one of my goals for the year but still feel as if I had brain fog the whole month.  The program is absolutely amazing.  I felt accomplished during the program.  I felt good about myself.  I will continue this for life.  I hope this review of each week is helpful.

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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