The story behind the story: Suz’ s account of writing her book

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

The story behind the story: Suz’ s account of writing her book

Suz's Book the physical manifestation of self

The story behind the story – Suz’ s account of writing her book “The Physical Manifestation of Self – High Heels to Yoga Pants, with a side of IRONMAN”.

In 2021 as New Zealand went into lockdown for the third time, I knew it was time to turn inward and write the book detailing my story of personal transformation.  It might seem a bit presumptive to think my experiences could have any relevance to a global pandemic and it’s aftermath.  However, having seen the actions and reactions of clients, friends and colleagues since early 2020 I saw a lot of parallels to the changes I had faced in the past decade.  Also, I found myself using the examples of the changes I had experienced since my abrupt return from Dubai in 2012 as case studies on how to approach the turmoil and fallout of monumental change.  So rather than repeat them ad infinitum it gave me an extra incentive to document my journey inwards.

I believe that the pandemic has the opportunity to be the clarion call for change that we are seeking.  Many of our prior lives have not been sustainable.  Stress levels were through the roof as life became more frantic and somehow, we lost the ability to switch off (or even slow down).

Yet when the stress of survival wanes the feelings of anxiety can rise.  Being engaged in the act of “being busy” is a way of denying the call of the soul.  Many people never have the chance to hear this.  The repeated acts of “lockdowns” created the opportunity for large parts of the population.  Truthfully some of us would rather be stressed than anxious!

It was in the stars

Back in December 2019 (two months prior to the first lockdown) I wrote in the fortnightly newsletter for the 35 Day Detox Clients.  I said :

“And just that like the energy changes.  All the build-up to Christmas – throw in a New Moon Solar Eclipse – and come out the other side in either a state of calm or feel like the rug has been pulled from beneath you.

The start of 2020 has more potency than ever before.  With every new cycle there is an opportunity to evolve.  It’s the classic “hero’s journey”, and it’s what we here at 35 Day Detox do best!

A new year and a new decade.  And every indication is that it will be a new generation too.  Our nature is to seek the familiar, so change can be uncomfortable.  Yet since change is a certainty, and things never return to the way they were (and generally we wouldn’t want them to),  the question then becomes how do we deal with it!”

About the Book

Join Suz on her journey of physical healing and spiritual growth. It is a decade of lessons seen from the perspective of a chronically stressed corporate executive who embraced the yogic path.

The story begins in Dubai and follows Suz into the world of triathlon and endurance training.

Along the way she unpacks and overcomes decades of FEAR, GRIEF and SHAME.

Tests come thick and fast as the challenge becomes all about SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

It includes the benefit of hindsight and MANY of the yoga teachings in the hope that this will help someone jump through a lesson faster than I did!

Read her story now

The book is available through our global distribution partner Amazon as a digital or a paperback book. The link is here:

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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