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physical fitness

physical fitness

Here’s your guided 30 day Yoga Plank challenge.    Core strength is a very important part of our ability to cope with whatever life throws at us.  Directly linked to the Third Chakra (our sense of Self), as we build strength with the Yoga Plank Challenge we learn to stand in our power.  And no …

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  Have you ever heard Yoga Teachers giving cues to get students into and out of a particular pose? By the time we have mentioned feet and hand positions, core engagement and eye gaze you are ready to move on. And then comes the instruction to “breathe” 😂 It’s my pleasure to bring together this …

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These are some of my favorite short sequences! I’ve been teaching for over 10 years and they are my go-to modules when helping clients with their healing journey. They can either be practiced as a quick stand-alone routine, or linked together to create a longer yoga practice. Always take a few minutes to warm-up before …

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