Is the 35 Day Detox the best detox cleanse for you?

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

Is the 35 Day Detox the best detox cleanse for you?

35 Day Detox best detox cleanse

Because the 35 Day Detox uses a holistic approach (incorporating the principles of yoga), it will be the best detox cleanse for your overall health and well-being. Generally we know that it is one part that is letting us down. For example food choices, or a lack of quality sleep. Often we don’t appreciate the impact that one will have on the other. It is very common to experience making changes in one area of your life, only to see it revert within days/weeks. That’s because your mind, body and soul are always self-balancing.

The energy transfers from your food habits to your fitness, from your emotional well-being to your thoughts and actions, and ultimately to your level of happiness and the life you experience.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that suddenly life becomes a bed of roses. More it’s the improvement in your ability to identify the best potential in situations you are confronted with.

Have you heard a newly trained yoga teacher? How they talk about the life changing experience it was. Their realization of what more is possible in their lives. The excitement they radiate of how they are stepping out of the box they were previously in.

What if you could tap into that empowerment without choosing a new career path. The world doesn’t need more yoga teachers, but it does need more yogis. 35 Day Detox is that yoga training (plus more) packaged into a detox cleanse program that you can undertake at home. That way you get to integrate the learning directly into your life.

The ancient science of yoga is essentially psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of how people think, feel and behave. It includes the working of the brain, our consciousness, reasoning and mental health. Yoga encompasses the study of our connection to something greater for physical and mental well-being.

Essentially both are the journey inwards in order to better know yourself. But that is only one piece of the puzzle.

Release trapped PAIN from your body

How much better do you feel after a visit to the chiropractor, massage therapist or an acupuncturist?

By engaging in the regular physical practice of yoga you reconnect with your body. In our modern lifestyle there is a massive disconnect between mind and body. We can’t think ourselves into good health. We can have the intention to return to health but it has to be followed by physical action.

The act of rolling out your mat daily and having a conversation between mind and body is powerful. The body has an inbuilt feedback mechanism. It is called PAIN. When we are out of alignment it may gently whisper “that’s not right”, if we continue it might say “nope, not going there willingly”, if we ignore it for too long it will scream louder and louder until you do something about it. Most dangerous is when we pull the plug on the sound system.

You are your own life coach

Ultimately we all know what is right for us. We are sovereign beings who have free will. A coach taps into the situation, asks the hard questions, and offers suggestions on how to move through the blocks you have identified. We all see other’s blocks better than we see our own.

Is it true that we can’t see what is holding us back? When we are faced with a truth we immediately resonate with it. When you mediate you connect directly with the source of the knowing – intuition. The truth pops up naturally and you can course correct life to move forward beyond the block or limitation. That may be the courage to step into something scary and new. Or the empowered feeling to move away from a situation or habit that has held you back from enjoying life fully.

Nourishment is more than food

We are what we eat – have a nut! Does that make us nuts, or a monkey?

Of course it is neither but you get the idea. The 35 Day Detox program helps you to body hack into better health. It triggers healing by looking at the foods you eat as well as the way you eat. Yoga is inherently interested in “impressions”. These are the ground-laying nourishment provided through the 5 senses (taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch).

Guidance is given throughout the 5 weeks on how to feed your mind as well as the physical body.

Use the moon for the BEST detox cleanse

These attributes of the 35 Day Detox are all great, by why is this program the best detox cleanse? Because although you will find many of these elements in other programs, you will not find them all incorporated together, and tethered to the phases of the moon.

The moon is a constant in our sky, waxing and waning on a regular 29.5 day cycle. We plant by the moon, our sleep is impacted by the full moon, and we are emotionally affected by the moon.

What we eat, the yoga and exercise we do, the intentions we set to change, and the best time to detox and cleanse are all governed by the lunar cycle. It is all there for your guidance. It is the guide book on how to do life that you are seeking.

I hope you will join me inside the 35 Day Detox program soon.

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Suz Stokes

Founder of the 35 Day Detox.

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