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Here’s your guided 30 day Yoga Plank challenge.    Core strength is a very important part of our ability to cope with whatever life throws at us.  Directly linked to the Third Chakra (our sense of Self), as we build strength with the Yoga Plank Challenge we learn to stand in our power.  And no …

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If you suffer with a sluggish digestion then this is a great addition to your morning routine.  We have a sluggish digestion if we do not naturally feel the need to have a bowel movement after we wake in the morning. This sequence is based on an ancient yoga kriya technique but modified for our …

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In order to be RUN FIT you will need single leg strength, balance and flexibility of the hamstrings. This challenging sequence will work on all these points! It has a secondary benefit of stimulating the digestive system. After warming up with a Sun Salutation sequence extend the practice to include some twists.    Hold each …

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