Physical Fitness

Are you happy with your current level of fitness?

As we all know, fitness and exercise is important for our health and well-being. But it’s easy for illness and injury to make daily exercise a challenge.

Is your body telling you something is wrong?

  • Do you have difficulty reaching, or getting in and out of the car?
  • Do you struggle with standing or walking for periods of time?
  • Are you a bit wobbly on your feet?

At 35 Day Detox we help you improve your level of fitness

The 35 Day Detox programme will help you make small steps to improve your level of fitness. We focus on strength, mobility, and balance.

But fitness is only a small part of the programme. We teach you how to listen to your body and connect with your mind for increased wellbeing. Best of all, you’ll feel back in control of your long-term health.

Return to fitness after injury and get fit again

Our programme will help you if you are coming back to fitness after an injury. The programme includes gentle physical exercises along with traditional yoga poses.

If you are short of time, it can be hard to find the time to exercise. But we help you make fitness a priority and get fit again!

Easy to follow fitness for over 50s

As we age our bodies store emotional energy which can show up as pain and stress. Our easy to follow programme works to release these energy blocks and tension. With a simple 5-10-minute in-home yoga session in the morning and the evening, it’s easy to fit our detox programme into your busy day!

Get motivated to be your own fitness coach

Nobody knows your body better than you do! We show you how to connect your body and mind. You will learn how to interpret what you need and be your own coach. Best of all, this self-confidence flows into other areas of your life! You learn when to go ‘all in’ and when you should take it easy.   

Improve your health and lose weight

Weight loss is the fantastic spin-off that comes from improving your fitness. Not only that but being more mindful and resilient allows you to address stuck patterns in your life. Especially food choices and eating habits.

Are you ready to make positive change? Find out more now!

“I started Yoga because I had a hip implant and struggled with it – it was painful and it did not like to lift. Since starting the 35 Day Detox I have gained strength in my core and I have strengthened my hips and my muscles. After a yoga session I feel amazing! My body feels lighter and I feel that all my happy endorphins have been let loose. I cannot recommend 35 day detox highly enough..” Claire, Sales Manager, Kapiti

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How to improve your Physical Fitness

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