35 Day Detox

Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness

Now more than ever there is a need to re-focus on health and wellbeing. The Labour Government introduced a “wellbeing” initiative into the 2019 budget. Three years on and we have been truly tested to the very core as to what that might mean for New Zealanders. We have been tested as a country, within …

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The twelve horoscopes,or animal zodiac,along with heavenly stems,earthly branches are brainchild of Chinese ancestors.Generally,the former are numbering year while the latter used in calculating hours. The ancient Chinese calendar is a complex system.Based on the phases of the moon,each of its mo nth lasts for either 29 or 30 days,and each day is consisted of …

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In Chinese Astrology, each year* is named by one of twelve animals, and this gives us insight into parts of your character. In addition each of the 12 animals have a flavour of one of the five elements.  These two factors help us to find harmony in our environment and with other. In addition each …

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