The Author – Suz Stokes

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a guide book for how to do “life”?  The author of the 35 Day Detox, Suz Stokes, found that within the ancient teaching of Yoga, and it’s sister science Ayurveda.  Then how to make it practical and accessible…

“Necessity … The Mother of Invention” Plato was right , or in Suz’s home it’s “Champion Fridge Clearer”.  She says “The challenge and satisfaction is in mixing things up based on what you have to hand.  That goes for recipes for meals and well as life itself.

Her Personal Journey

A little over 10 years ago Suz had that moment when she was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  And something (everything) had to change.  There is no fun in having a long list of things that you can’t tolerate eating.  So all the family recipes had to be re-written to create positive food choices. 

And slowly the energy and zest for life returned.  Firstly to help in maintaining a corporate career, then to overturn that and retrain as a yoga teacher.  Then came an interest in all things fitness.  Starting with a 10k run to celebrate turning 50.  Closely followed by a fun triathlon in 2012, a quarter Ironman in 2013 (where in the 5 week lead-up this book was conceived), a couple of half Ironman events, a Marathon, and finally in March 2017 the full Ironman (the one day event comprises a 3.8k swim, 180k bike and 42.2k run).

A love for Yoga

Suz’s passion for yoga has seen her complete more the 500 hours of teacher training – covering vinyasa flow, yin, pranayama, meditation and philosophy.  All of which gets weaved into everything she does.

Suz and Beau
Suz and her huntaway “Beau” on Raumati Beach

But that wasn’t always the case.  Numerous attempts by her mother (over many years) to engage with yoga failed.  It was only when she moved into an apartment with a studio on the ground floor that it became inevitable.  And then teacher training called – purely to learn why it had such a profound effect on life.

Pass it forward

Over the past 5 years Suz has lead small groups, online groups, and private clients through the principles of the 35 Day Detox; and witnessed the seismic shifts that are possible when small changes are done consistently with intention.  Most importantly doing them in conjunction with the rhythms of the Universe itself.  Something that has been a fundamental part of her life for over 15 years now.

Radio Interview

In 2017 Suz was interviewed on Coast Access Radio 104.7FM and shared her thoughts on the journey to Ironman, including the application of the 35 Day Detox principles.  For an insight into her philosophy on life, training and mind set listen to her interview here.

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