What do you think about practicing yoga?

Whether you have been to yoga classes before and they didn’t work for you, or you believe yoga just isn’t for you – hold that thought!

Are you under emotional stress?

  • Do you feel nervous, anxious or struggle to get to sleep?
  • Are you in pain or do you feel stressed?
  • Do you suffer from heartburn, or other digestive issues?

At 35 Day Detox we teach you how to relax and take better care of yourself

The 35 Day Detox programme will focus on the health and fitness benefits of yoga, but we also teach you how to manage your emotions and bring positive energy back into your life.

We provide a personalised programme with poses and sequences that will help you.  You can practice them in your own home, in your own time and in your own way.

Our yoga programme isn’t just for young, fit, flexible people – it’s for everyone.

Discover the true value of yoga with 35 Day Detox

The programme gently introduces you to yoga. Not only will you experience the physical benefits of yoga, but the emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits too. We show you how to clear negative energy created by any past hurts, karma, drama, and trauma.

Experience the benefits of yoga

Yoga benefits every BODY in some way. Our yoga programme is intuitive, sustainable, and deeply healing. We start with the basics and tailor the exercises to you. Each week has a different focus, and you’ll learn how certain yoga poses will benefit you.  

Practice yoga online

By practicing yoga online, you can go at your own pace and be responsible for your own wellbeing. We teach you how to focus on the areas of your body that need help. And you will learn to listen to your body when it hurts!

Learn at our virtual yoga studio

Our virtual drop-in sessions on Zoom give you a chance to connect with your yoga teacher. We answer your questions and teach you how practising yoga can help you relax, sleep better, and take better care of yourself.

Are you keen to get moving? Find out more now!

Things gathered momentum for me back in 2012 when I experienced my first Yoga Teacher Training.  I recall saying that everyone should have a chance to experience the transformational power of taking time to invest in your personal growth. Randomly, that was after practicing yoga for only 6 months.  It was amazing to witness how life-changing it was for all the students.   Each time I stopped fighting where I was at and moved into acceptance, I could access the tools I learnt to move past that block.”  Suz Stokes, Founder of 35 Day Detox

Yoga for wellbeing


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