Yoga Resources

First and foremost the 35 Day Detox has a regular yoga practice at it’s heart. When we combine breath and movement we are activating energy lines throughout the body.  The stress of our lives causes blocks on these lines, initially manifesting as pain, but left unchecked will create injury or illness.  When we practice yoga we can undo the damage.

From energising Sun Salutations (to start the day), targeted mini-sequences for specific purposes, yoga for stress-relief and healing, all the way to gentle Yin poses (to finish the day).  This section is our resource for breaking down those yoga poses and sequences. 

Putting together a self-practice

Sun Salutations come in many flavours.   They are generally done first thing in the morning.  Start with 3 rounds (both left and rights sides).

After the Sun Salutation add short personalised sequences designed to target the issues you face. 

Check-out the photo results of the – 30 days of stretches from toes to head – our popular June Challenge!  This is also now available as an e-book.


Relaxation, Breathing Techniques and Meditation

Coming soon – Yoga Nidra Meditation (15 and 30 minute options)

warrior three yoga pose
Warrior 3