35 Day Detox



Chakra cleansing using food & diet “Mom was right when she said eat your vegetables”, and now we know why! As left-field as it may initially sound our unseen energy points – CHAKRAS – benefit from the physical form of food.  Your body is the physical manifestation of what you consume. It may be a …

Eating the Rainbow to Heal Chakras Read More »

Whoa, it’s that time again! Approximately 3 times a year Mercury pauses in the sky and appears to be going backwards.  This is the infamous Mercury retrograde, and it lasts approximately 21 days. Traditionally in astrology Mercury is considered to cover communications (including agreements), technology and travel;  it can be a nightmare when you are …

Having a ZEN attitude in a MERCURY RETROGRADE Read More »

It’s the halfway point of the year Yes scary to say we are there already.  I’m sure there are plans for year-end that just a month ago seemed in the distant future.  This is always a powerful pivot point of the year, and we are likely to get a wake-up call from the Universe … …

Matariki – planting the seeds for the summer harvest Read More »

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