We use Numerology to see the “potential” in a situation. 


The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” rings true.  We can only see from the perspective of what we already know.  Numerology gives us a clue to the energy of the situation.  This allows us to approach life with a different mindset. 

Everything is energy, and that includes numbers and letters. So by reading these energies we can gain insight into the previously unseen factors influencing situations. Simply add the numbers that are present in anything until you get a single digit representation (1-9). Use the basic meanings below to get a vibe/energy reading of any situation you face.

1 – New Beginnings, rewriting, re-framing.
2 – Duality, free choice, decisions.
3 – Catalyst, healer, the energy the moves others without being changed.
4 – Foundations, community.
5 – Change, dynamic, in motion.
6 – Harmony, cooperation, balance.
7 – Spirituality, higher-self.
8 – Manifestation, abundance.
9 – Completion, graduation.

Personal Year Number (PYN)

What’s happening for you this year

Birth Day + Month + Current Year

The 9 Year Cycle

  • Year 1 – Action
    A time of new beginnings, new cycle, new experiences. Pioneering, independent.
  • Year 2 – Attraction
    Receptive, incubating, under construction. Sudden events, quick decisions.
  • Year 3 – Expansion
    Lucky, social, fast-moving. Blossoming, creative, active.
  • Year 4 – Formation
    Work, order, budget, foundations. Material and physical.  Health, restraint.
  • Year 5 – Change
    Busy, decisions, restless. Turning point, learning
  • Year 6 – Balance
    Love, family, social responsibility. Harmony, artistic.
  • Year 7 – Rest
    Retreat, reflect, intuition
  • Year 8 – Manifestation
    Karma, finance, sex, power.
  • Year 9 – Dispersement
    Endings, transition, friendship. Cleanse, renew


  • Note: even though a new cycle will be available Jan 1st it will really only gain momentum with your birthday during that year.
  •  Create a life cycle chart to trace the significant events of your life, and reveal the patterns at play.
Life Path Number

Shows you which road to follow

Birth Day + Month + Year



Destiny Number

Your Life’s purpose

Add the letters of your name at birth



Soul Number

Your true motivation

Add the vowels of your name



Personality Number

 How the world sees you

Add the consonants of your name


Number Basics

1 – Self-sufficient and wants to lead

2 – Sensitive and wants to support

3- Enthusiastic and wants to create

4 – Dependable and wants security

5 –Risk taker and wants freedom

6 – Humanitarian and wants to provide

7 – Analytical and wants solitude

8 – Power and wants to achieve

9 – Compassion and wants to transform


Master Numbers

11 – Self-illumination through spiritual inspiration

22 – Self-mastery through self-enterprise

33 – Self-awareness through selfless service

Letters as Numbers

1 – A J S

2 – B K T

3 – C L U

4 – D M V

5 – E N W

6 – F O X

7 – G P Y

8 – H Q Z

9 – I R