Does your home make you sick?

Home is where we live and stay for the longest time of a day,therefore,home feng shui matters our fortune and affects our health.Let’s check what kinds of home feng shui we’ve got.

1.Avoid to see many rubbish when you open the front door.

The front area is very important,for we come in and out everyday.Clean and tidy or not matter the host’s health,and affect our mood so does the fortune.

2.The messy entrance.

The shoe cabinet is a main part of out entrance.If it not maintain well will cause upper respiratory infection,especially for the kids.

3.Too much sundries under the bed.

Bed is where we stay for long time a day.The sundries can germinate bacterium.In addition,the mussy sundries can cause magnetic disturbance which will affect the quality of sleep and lead to neurological problem,especially for the pregnant women.


Toilet is the place that gathers all the whammy and bad luck.The worst location of toilet is in the center of the house.

The direction of the front door and the direction you sit on the closestool should not be the same,otherwise will cause the papula skin problem.

The direction of toilet should not be in the northeast or southwest.