Four Electric Devices Might Have Influence On your Health in Feng Shui


In home design Feng Shui, washing machine has connection with the health of your stomach and heart.

In five elements, washing machine is fire. And stomach and heart are belong to fire and earth. Generally, if the male host has stomach problem, it might be because the washing machine is located in the north west side of the house. And the washing machine might be in the south west if the female host has stomach disease.


Fridge is closely related with the eating therefore the fridge should be full which means feast and the family do not need to worry about being hungry.

In finical Feng Shui fridge should not be opposite to the door because the air flow from the door would make the energy unstable and the fortune would easily be removed from the house.

Another taboo is that to put too many electric device on the top of the fridge. Micro wave, juicer or mini oven are the electric devices people tend to put on top of the fridge. No matter in Feng Shui or medical field, electromagnetic released from  the devices will be harmful to the health.


Talking about Feng Shui on air conditioning, it should not face the door because it is against the Feng Shui principles of keeping the chi and energy. Besides, it will give away your fortune and energy out of the house which should be paid more attention.


TV belong to fire in Five Elements principles so it should not be too large otherwise the Chi of fire would be too much for the house.

TV should not face towards the bed as well because it is just like a mirror when it is shut so it share the same principle of the mirror on Feng Shui. It will cause restlessness and depression for the people on the bed. Moreover bad relationship will come with you because of that.

the volume of the TV being to loud of a evil spirit of noise that could make people Emotionally disturbed and less sensitive on listening.