Feng Shui Principles of Home Design

Generally, we do home design only based on our own taste or whether it is environmental-friendly. However, there is a lot of Feng Shui details we should pay attention to.
Feng Shui on Color Selection
Color selection is the basic and most important thing in the home decoration as it creates different atmosphere which is related to the feeling and emotion of your family and different Feng Shui magnetic energy that especially results in personal and family fortune and health. Therefore, color selection is vital and inegligible in Feng Shui.
Geo-magnetically, color selection and application should not be too complicated. For example, there should not be more than three colors on the wall and the color ought not be too bright otherwise your vision will feel stressed and burden your spirit. It is better to choose some light and warm colors for the house that brightens your home and make it look more spacious. Furthermore, it makes home design more simple and elegant, better for Feng Shui and magnet.
Feng Shui on Doors and Windows
Doors and windows are the vents part of the house. Especially window is the core of Feng Shui like the eye of your body which is significant for home design. Based on the Feng Shui, there must be a window in every room to make sure ventilation is running well in the house avoiding house decay or air turbidity which represent death in Feng Shui. So for health reason, there must be a window in every single room.
However, it doesn’t mean that the more windows, the better. If there are too many windows in the room, it stops the gathering of energy and weaken the Feng Shui and magnetic “Chi” of the house.
Feng Shui on the Surrounding and Environment
When you think about Feng Shui, you need to consider if there is some evil spirit around. For example, the evil spirit “sha” from surrounding taller construction and buildings like overpass or sign board, etc. What’s more there are many other “sha” from reflection (strong light reflection), noise, smell, etc. 
Besides, your house is not good to be in front of the buildings like government agencies, fire stations, hospitals, transformer rooms, waste landfill and utility poles where the spirit of “sha” is gathering.