Feng Shui Mistakes to be Avoided in Home Design and Decorations

Front Entrance-way

Firstly front entrance-way should be bright and spacious to let the fortune and healthy energy get into the house. Otherwise, being too dark or narrow would stop the good luck from your home.

Secondly you should set a screen between the living room and front entrance if the dining table or bathroom is in front of the entrance which means you could see the table or the bathroom when you come home and open the door.


It has been mentioned above that sofa had better to set against the wall to have support from the back as the air flow would be unstable that would cause bad luck if it is empty behind. In addition, you could also put a cabinet which is not too tall as the backing of the sofa with some stone decorations on it. Moreover, there should not be some windows or beams in the back of or above the sofa because windows let the energy get out of the house or you will be stressed because of the crossbeam on the top.


The position of the lamps should not be above or around the bed as lamps is just like the “knives” that would be harmful to your health or the relationship.

In terms of the quantity, light bulbs are better to be six or eight that are the luck numbers in Feng Shui. Generally, we won’t use two or five light bulbs because two and five are the numbers represent illness and disease in Feng Shui.

Dining Table

Dining tables come in many different shapes and sizes. Generally which is better has a lot to do with the space, surrounding furniture and family structure. However in Feng Shui, what we care most is the balance of “yin” and “yang” which “yang” is for dynamic and moving while “yin” means stable and static. That is why we says round is “yang” and rectangular is “yin”.

In the west, people serve the food by themselves and always tend to talk with who is nearby. Under the circumstances, the atmosphere is peaceful and quite that is considered to be “yin”. Hence people prefer rectangular dining tables. In additional, if the dining room is not that spacious and we need to take good advantage of the space, the table is better to rest against the wall. Therefore we need a rectangular table more than the round one.


In Feng Shui the color and pattern selection of the curtains should based on the Five Element Theory which use the material substances of metal, wood, water, fire and earth as metaphors for the different processes of change.

According to the principles of Five Element Theory, people born in spring is with element “wood” should choose some round-shaped patterns on the curtains. For people born in summer needs more “water” so they can use some patterns of waves. Whilst people born in autumn are lack of “wood” then they needs some patterns related to woods. However people born in winter is better to choose curtains with some triangle elements as they are short for fire in their five elements.

About the color, being born in spring is closely with green. Then you could use more gold and white colors on the curtains. Summer is about fire so you should choose some yellow and grey curtains instead of red or orange ones. Based on the principle, people born in autumn could use more green curtains while white for winter.


Based on the I CHING principles, the garage should be in the west, south west, or north west instead of south. The best location of the garage is in the north east where it is good to let the fortune and luck to get in. It is also advised that the gate and the wall of garage could be applied with some hollow design so that nourish Chi from north east easily comes in.


The front of the car should face towards the house that means taking control of the general by the host. Environmentally, it releases some deleterious gases like carbon monoxide and sulfurous acid when you start the engine. So it is easier for the emission of the hazardous gases and better for the family health.


Garage should not be under the host bedroom or general office room as it go against with health and fortune. There are several cars coming in or going out of the garage everyday making the air flow and magnetic energy unstable that could be bad for the fortune. It is called evil spirit of the soles being pierced. The garage under the bedroom causes emptiness and feeling on tenterhooks just as no substratum or base to stand on and it is hard to connect with the earth.


Based on Feng Shui, people do things with low efficiency because of that. Additionally it might lead to some problem for the relationship between the couples and families. Hence, you had better to pick another room as the bedroom.