Feng Shui and Health

Your health is not only related to the congenital physical quality, but also connected with your work style, living environment and habit. To choose a good house and magnetic spot could help to improve your health and longevity. Let’s have a look what kinds of house can do good to your wellness.
House Orientation
A good orientation can make sure enough sunlight to get into the house through the windows. Because of different sunlight angles from various location, you do not have to choose south facing house which is to the back of north or in front of the sea with the mountain in the back. What you should pay attention is the view you got when the window is open. For example, it is harmful to your health if it is the view of noisy streets or roads when you see from the window.
Architectural Lighting
Well lighting can both benefit to energy saving and creating a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. On the contrary, living in the dark and dusk space for long time, only relying on the artificial light, does no good to your physical and mental health at all.
The ventilation of the house should satisfy the basic and smooth air circulation which means the window should permit fresh air to get into the house and remove the stuffy air out of the room. Especially you need some draught when summertime. Then the window orientation design should  meet the need of good air flow which is the best to get the air in and out at the same time while it is the worst that the air is easy to get in but hard to get out of the room.
Interior Renovation Feng Shui
The balance of “Yin” and “Yang” is important to the Feng Shui for the interior renovation which you should not apply too much decorations belong to each side. For example, marble is considered to be one element of “Yin” which you had better not use too many decorations made from marble otherwise the “yin” would be more vigorous than “yang”. What’s more, the quantity of the decoration or furniture should neither too much nor too little and the color selection should neither too bright nor too dark.

Feng Shui in Bedrooms

Bedrooms is very vital to wellness and physical health as it directly influences your sleep and rest. In terms of Feng Shui, there should not be too many electrical devices in the bedrooms because it represents too much fire with same meaning of too much “yang”. And for modern medical field, radiation really has bad impact on physical well-being.