Feng Shui and the Closet Decluttering

In home design, the importance of closet is always neglected as be been seen as an “out of sight, out of mind” issue. However, in Feng Shui there is energy for everything and you would be influenced. Therefore we need to keep the closet in a good Feng Shui. Otherwise just think about how bad it is when you open the closet and it is ugly and messy that how bad energy comes with you.

In Feng Shui, the surroundings always reflects your innermost thought or energy in other words the external objects also have a significant affect on interior. So having the doors closed will not help you much. On the contrary, it means you always try to hide the deepest true part of you.

Then if you want to improve your energy and set good Feng Shui, here are some tips:

Color and Light. It is better to have some light and warm lighting in the closet no matter it is walk-in closet or not which makes you feel comfortable. What’s more, you also owe your closet a fresh coat of paint if you have not pay attention to your closet for a long time. White color is considered to be the best for your closet not only because it can open your energy more but also bring the crisp quality of the metal Feng Shui element.

Clean. You really need to take a look at every single items in closet and think about when was the last time you wore it. Then you will find out a lot of clothes which are not that necessary for the daily life and make a decision for cluttering. Only keep the favorable and must-have items and having a spacious and tidy closet definitely creates more positive energy.

Arrange. To shop some items in the furniture warehouses and get all you need for the seasonal clothing. From basket to boxes, Organizing a clear system for the closet making sure everything in the right place do a great help in auspicious energy and Feng Shui.

Beatify. Not only the decluttering is vital to the closet, but also some suitable decorations matter a lot. Some Feng Shui crystals or well-displayed pieces of jewelry absolutely help to beautify your closet and bring some healing energy around you. Some lovely photos could remind you of treasure memories as well to build a happy and harmonious feeling.