Energy Healing

Do you wish you had more energy?

When we feel sluggish and tired, most of us look for a quick caffeine fix. A cup of coffee may satisfy a craving, but it doesn’t replenish our bodies and boost our energy levels!

Are you fed up with feeling tired all the time?

  • Do you feel worn out and overworked?
  • Do you have aches and pains that won’t go away?
  • Are you struggling to find motivation in your life?

At 35 Day Detox we help you become the best version of you

The 35 Day Detox programme gives you the ability to get your energy levels back into balance and discover how to truly manifest change for a happier, healthier life.

Energy is an unseen force that flows through us and drives us. By understanding that everything is energy, you can use all the elements of the 35 Day Detox programme to heal yourself. It’s the combination of the programme that empowers you to live your best life.

Learn which foods you should be eating

Every meal is an opportunity to heal your body. Discover healthy, whole-food recipes that rebuild cells and boost your energy levels – so you can lead your best life with food.

Take better care of yourself

Learn how to listen to your body and release energy blocks and tension. Connect your mind, learn how to manage your emotions, and bring positive energy back into your life.

Build your inner strength

Learn how to clear out negative energy in your environment and in your life. Shift your mindset and discover how your actions are affected by energy flows. Make better decisions, form better relationships, and live more mindfully.

Understand your true purpose

Find your true purpose with astrology and numerology, regain your self-esteem, find your mana, and reach your greatest potential.

Become the best version of you

With better health, more freedom, and increased energy you will reach an incredible realisation that you have the power to truly manifest change in your life!

Are you ready to get more out of life? Find out more now!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla, 19th Century Inventor



Eat the Rainbow
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Eating the Rainbow to Heal Chakras

“Mom was right when she said eat your vegetables”, and now we know why! As left-field as it sounds our unseen energy points (chakras) benefit from the physical form of


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