How to design and improve your housewares Fengshui in different living areas.

EntranceEntrance should be bright.However,most of the houses have no natural lighting.Using ground glass or ever-burning light can help to solve this problem,and the lampshade should be the warm color like orange,red or purple.

Height of the entrance should not be too tall or too low,two meters is the best.

Entrance should be kept clean all the time,as well as simple.Do not put too many clutter.Display some fengshui objects like Kylin in your entrance left side of 45 degree.

The key taboo is not to hang any clock opposite the door.Clock is a homophone for ‘End’,thus opening the door and seeing the end implies the bad meaning.





Another taboo is always shutting the door if your entrance side has a toilet,otherwise will lose the wealth.

  • Living room.As we mentioned the above,clock should not display in the entrance,so where it should be? 

    Only put one clock and it should face to the direction of Zhuque(vermilion bird),ie,south,or the direction of Azure dragon,ie,right side of the living room.In addition,no sofa under it,otherwise it will lead to the health problem.By this way,the clock can face to the window,and fight against evil spirit(sha).











Do not place many fake plant in the living room,otherwise will lead to the wrong investment.

The best fortune for the whole family is the living room in the center of the house.

Sofa should lie against the wall,the behind should not be opposite to the window or door,otherwise will affect the fortune or interpersonal relationship.Put a room divider or screen to improve this problem.










The landscape paintings is a better choice in the living room,in which the river should flow inward.

  • Kitchen

The fengshui of living room matters male host,while the kitchen matters female,and representatives the wealth and harmony. Irregular room should not be the kitchen,only can be used as the storeroom.The stove should be seperated from refrigerator and wash basin,because fire and water are incompatible,and also do not face to the window or opposite to the door.

Fire comes from wood,kitchen wall can be green or decorated with wood material.Or hanging painting with forest on the south or southeast side of wall.

  • Dinning room

It is the only suggested place can hanging mirrors.The reflection of the food implies the abundant life.But remember never place two mirror opposite,it will create the forth dimension which will attract the ‘guest’.

You can place some fruit like peach and pomegranate which imply long life and abundant.

  • Toilet

The key points are clean,bright,fresh and ventilate.

The location of toilet.It should be never designed in the west side which matters the next generation.And not in the center of the house,as well as in the kitchen and under the stairs.The door of the toilet can not face to the door of bedroom.

The mirror inside the toilet should not face to the closestool.Replace with a small mirror and face to a painting can improve the problem.

  • Bedroom

The master room should not be too large with many windows,the square shape is better.Do not put too many plants inside the room,because the plant can gather gloom energy(Yin,opposite to Yang) which will cause the health problem.

It is better to place a plate with coins and crystal as a cornucopia to grow your wealth.

No sharp objects or plants in the bedroom which will cause health problem.Better to put some round objects instead.The clock in the bedroom should only be the square shape if necessary.

The bed should face to the window so that can absorb the morning sunlight energy as well as the moon energy.