Decorations for Improving Feng Shui on Home Design

Have you ever feel like restless and unpeaceful no matter you are standing or lying down when you have a break at home? If yes, you should pay attention because there might be something wrong in Feng Shui of your house needs to be fixed. There are three main decorations which can improve Feng Shui of home design.
Elephant Accessories
Some people love to put elephant accessories made from ceramics, jade, copper, stone etc to strengthen the magnetic power of the back position of the house. Generally it is good to have a mountain in the back of the building as to provide energy and support. Hence, people prefer to have a elephant accessories in the house as they are huge just like the mountain which to have support if there is no mountain in the back of the house.
Kylin is a symbol of luck in Feng Shui that we call “Ren Shou” in ancient time which has two meanings. One is to represent a auspicious animal and the other is for a animal with kindness. It is saying that Kylin loves to help and support the people with mercy and filial piety and chases the villain and bites them. The Kylin have a dragon-like head with two horns, deer-like body with full of armors and lively facial expression which makes them as one of worshipful and powerful ancient totems.
In Chinese, gourd is pronounced like “Fu Lu” which means fortune and wealth. Besides, there are a lot of seeds in the gourd fruit that means having new babies and money into the family. Therefore, people see gourd as the mascot of fertility and generations. So people put one in the bedrooms to improve the relationship between couples. Moreover, gourd can also help to wipe bad luck and evil spirit away. That's why you could put a copper gourd in the fortune spot of the bedrooms for the patients to remove the bad luck and disease. Though gourds is a fortune accessories, it is better to hang it above the bedside, but not to place it in front of the bathroom.