Cultivating a ZEN attitude towards a Mercury Retrograde

Whoa, it’s that time again!

Approximately 3 times a year Mercury pauses in the sky and appears to be going backwards.  Traditionally covering communications, technology and travel;  it can be a nightmare when you are determined to get things done.

What causes this?

The Astronomy

The planet Mercury is closer to the Sun than Earth. It takes around 88 days to complete it’s cycle. As it gets closer to the Earth it appears to slow down. Then relative to Earth is seems to be moving backwards through the Sky. Lastly it again appears to move forward.

The Astrology

Astrologically this phenomena is read as an area of your life slowing, being reviewed, going over old ground, and finally moving forward. The old saying “third time lucky” sums up our experience. As we often do have a couple of false-starts before settling on a path that suits us. Those reflections are our personal growth and transformation.

A personal experience with the Mercury Retrograde

I first came across the infamous Mercury Retrograde a few years ago when doing business in Asia – wondering why my clients would throw random delay tactics in contract signing.  It was considered to be a bad omen for the business if you signed a contract in the Mercury Retrograde!  3 or 4 weeks later it was – hurry up we need it signed like yesterday.

The more positive spin on this time is to see the chance to pause and check in with whether you got your plans right.  We may not have. 

Think all the “re” words.  Reset, realign, reconsider, retreat, reassess, regroup.  You get the idea 😉

Also people and opportunities tend to pop up from the past (mostly to allow completion – but also to recover from missed potential).  Look for random out-of-the-blue contacts.

Expanded offerings at 35 Day Detox

We are very much experiencing the vibe of change and growth. 

The new look program has kicked off – and we’re loving it – it feels so much more professional. 

And our first FREE webinar was launched yesterday!  We have some sort of mad courage, starting in this Mercury energy.  Our first topic was “How to read Lunar Energies to create inner calm.”  Finger’s crossed for technology behaving – so we will have the recording available to download soon.

If you’re unsure how the 35 Day Detox will benefit – you can check out the updated description here.
Now is always the best time to take action.

Morning Routine for Digestion

It’s on YouTube now.

Based on a Yoga Kriya (technique) – this a short yoga sequence that’s designed to help with a sluggish digestion.  If you would like more info – let us know.

We hope the mercury retrograde energy update helps you find order in the chaos.  If you have any questions about the content of this newsletter, or our products and services, please contact us.

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