The 35 Day Detox Challenge

The 35 Day Detox Challenge

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During the next 35 days you are invited into a journey of personal discovery. This Challenge is designed to help you to uncover your current blocks, learn tools/techniques to deal with them, and then allow you to create a new template for your life. We will work with the physical realms first, then dive into your emotional landscape, and finally the mind-space itself. In essence from the conscious, to the sub-conscious, to the unconscious.

The result will be that:

  • You will feel relief to finally be on a path that feels right. 
  • You will have a way to recover when life gives you lemons.
  • Your life will change. 

In 35 days you will cover one lunar cycle (that’s 29.5 days), plus you get a few extra days to prepare.

Here’s a brief description of the weeks ahead:

Week One – It is preparation week and a gentle start where you document a personal goal so you can stay on track throughout. 

Week Two – With the New Moon you identify habits that you will let go during the next 4 weeks so you can succeed with your changes.  

Week Three – As we build to the Full Moon we tackle the changes head on so you are empowered to shift blocks. 

Week Four – Our focus turns more towards the emotions and thoughts that drive your actions – and your dreams start to manifest.

Week Five – Is a wrap on the Challenge and now you experience a new reality.  

So let’s begin…

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