Harness the universal power of the Lunar Cycle

Harness the universal power of the Lunar Cycle

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The Lunar Cycle is the core of all things within the 35 Day Detox programs


For example: The 35 Day Detox Challenge has been specifically formulated to flow with the lunar cycle.  From the initial moment of “pre-boarding” prior to the new moon, to the peak of the full moon, and then the final days at the “dark of the moon” phase.  Each phase has it’s own blueprint for action.

In this complementary course you will deepen your knowledge of the lunar cycle, learning to connect to the present moment. The moon’s daily presence in the sky is always a tangible reminder of where we are in the lunar cycle. This knowledge can be a powerful tool in navigating life’s changing landscape.

Also, our daily physical yoga practice can also be enhanced when we know which phase of the moon we are in. The turning points of the new and full moons call us into stillness, countering the inherently unstable energy of 2-3 days. The waxing and waning of the moon creates a building and releasing of energies.  We can harness this by creating stronger efforts and an easing back of intensity as the cycle unfolds.

Mindfulness is being present in the moment.  When we acknowledge the moment we are in we immediately have the opportunity to become present.  Connecting to the moon is a great way to practice this mindfulness.

Here is Lunar Astrology, and the natural rhythm of life we seek to tap into.

The course is fully accessible, and can be repeated whenever you need to refresh and reconnect.

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