Clients using the Arbonne™ nutrition products

The 30 day healthy living program has helped me press the reset button back into healthy eating. The products are not only healthy but also very tasty! I have enjoyed my morning shakes and smoothies and the option to experiment by adding different combinations of the shake powders with a range of fruit and veg. These are so quick and convenient but also provide a lot of variety as well as nutrients. My new fav is after enjoying my first cup of detox tea to reuse the teabag mid morning and add in a fizz stick for a warm tasty treat !! The support network both global and local have been amazing with regular information videos and super fast responses to questions. The recipes have streamlined my shopping trips reducing spending and with minor adaptations most of the recipes have been enjoyed by the whole family. I have lost a little weight and gained a healthier me!?

I found the Arbonne Healthy living/Clean Eating programme a great fit for the work I had already been doing with Suzanne and her 35 Day Detox programme.

 The Smoothie products (fibre boost, greens balance, protein powder) were a great start to my day, and helped with the mid-morning snack attacks!  The fizz sticks were great for the afternoon pick me up – and I enjoyed the access to a whole new range of clean eating recipes.

 I found the Facebook support group posts very informative, and liked that I could pick and choose what information I wanted to know more in-depth.

 My particular “take home” from the 30 day programme was the concept of Mindful Eating – enjoying the food – savouring each taste sensation – making each meal a celebration.

Focusing on improving my nutrition and being intentional about what I put into my body has helped me become a better version of myself on a number of levels. We demand so much of ourselves on a daily basis, it only makes sense to make sure you fuel yourself with the nutritious food needed to get through the physical and emotional demands of the day. While improving my nutrition has resulted in weight loss, more important than that is how it’s improved my resilience and my sense of self. I am making deliberate decisions to continue on a path of personal growth and my food choices are a key part of the journey.