How Bad Feng Shui Energies Affect Your Life

In general, the living environment is closely related with health. Good Feng Shui is beneficial to our fortune and physical health. However, bad Feng Shui would be hazardous to the wellness.
1. To avoid any trash or debris when you open the door. The space in front of the door is the most important spot of the house from where we get in and go out of the house, therefore we need to keep the place clean and tidy. The rubbish and debris around the place would make the dirty and bad stuff stay which causes bad mood and uncomfortable when we come home or leave the house. And for long term, it is easy for the family to get server disease or bad luck.
2. Shoe cabinet should be tidy and clean as well. Otherwise, the smell would fill with entrance of the house with bacteria and virus from the soles would going everywhere which could easily cause respiratory tract infection disease for the family especially the kids.
3. The space underneath the bed ought to be neat. We spend much time on bed every day therefore the stuff underneath the bed could easily influence our fortune and well-being. How we could get good luck if the stuff under the bed is messy and dirty? And we could also suffer from psychological disease because of misplacing debris.
4. Some Feng Shui problem also causes headache like small house with big windows and doors and the bed facing directly to the door. Luckily you could fix the problem by resizing the window and door to be fit with the house size or relocate the bed location.
5. Bad Feng Shui makes awful sleep. In bedroom, location of the bed is significant. In terms of Feng Shui, there are several situations which are not good for the sleep. For example, the bed with crossbeam above, a big mirror facing towards the bed and bedrooms in the end of the hallway, etc. We should avoid those situations and make sure we get sufficient sleep.