The Sacred Symbols of Astrology and Numerology provide us with a guidance system.  Even in this modern-day mayhem.  No we don’t mean the three line daily horoscope of the local newspaper or magazine.  More the in-depth analysis of your birth chart.  Or, what we use here at 35 Day Detox, an awareness of the planetary shifts that signal energetic changes with the bigger issues relating to Self, Family, Relationships, Work and Community.


The ancients tracked the movement of the celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars) to foretell events.  They also used Astrology to find auspicious times for certain activities.  We can too.  Perhaps more equally importantly though we can use Astrology to see the patterns of the Universe and gain a sense of perspective (and maybe relief that there is a bigger picture available to us).

Sun Signs

Most popular Astrology in recent times is based on the Sun signs for the 12 months of the year. In fact it gives us the vibe/energy for each of the 35 Day Detox challenges.  After the Sun moves into a new sign we have a new moon in that sign.  So although we think our lives a random set of circumstances, actually this is what we will be working on for that 29.5 day lunar cycle.

Our birth date holds significance within the 12 months too.  It’s called the Solar Return (many Happy Returns) as the Sun returns to the place in the solar system as per your time of birth.  Because the New Moon is in your Sun sign – your burst of energy is delivered for the next 12 months.  6 months later the Full Moon will be in your sign (the peak power of the year), before slowing as you move towards another birthday.

Briefly here are the 12 Sun Signs (their general vibe, natural Element and related body parts):
  • The first sign and very personal in nature, here we can take charge of a situation and get things done.
  • Element is Fire.
  • Rules the Head.
  •  With patience and tenacity we can build value in the things we give attention to.
  • Element is Earth.
  • Rules the Neck.
  • Here we become a little unpredictable and changeable.  Now we are seeing the flip-side of a situation.
  • Element is Air.
  • Rules the Arms and Hands.
  • Ruled by the watery Moon we dive deep to find what it is we really need.
  • Element is Water.
  • Rules the Chest and Stomach.
  • After the intensity of last month, the Leo vibe is more playful and Inspirational.
  • Element is Fire.
  • Rules the Heart.
  • It’s time to get practical and focus our attention on the details of what we what to achieve.
  • Element is Earth.
  • Rules the Digestive System.
  • The second act, more about the bigger picture.  We ask the question how can we meet our needs but also have harmony and balance.
  • Element is Air.
  • Rules the Kidneys and Ovaries.
  • Here we are tested to the depth of our being as seek the courage to undergo a transformation.
  • Element is Water.
  • Rules the Reproductive System and Elimination.
  • With faith we can venture forth into a new expanded role.
  • Element is Fire.
  • Rules the Thighs.
  • Again it’s back to work, we become more ambitious which drives our determination to achieve more in a situation.
  • Element is Earth.
  • Rules Knees, Teeth and Bones.
  • As we extract ourselves emotionally from a situation we can see the greater good and it becomes more about social responsibility.
  • Element is Air.
  • Rules Calves and Ankles.
  • Compassion and empathy allow us to connect to the Collective Conscious, seeing the connections in all things.
  • Element is Water
  • Rules the Feet.


Moon Signs

35 Day Detox focuses on the Moon/Lunar cycle and more has been written here about this, and throughout the website.