The Challenge

The 35 Day Detox Challenge is a wide-ranging and systematic approach to change.  It encompasses all the main areas of your life.  However there is no expectation that anyone will do all the things available.  Rather it makes sense to pick the areas that most relate to your present situation and focus on them.

30 day lunar cycle

The Challenge takes place over a 5 week period.  With the first week being before the New Moon, and the remaining 4 weeks closely following the lunar cycle.  The Challenge peaks at the Full Moon with an optional juice fast, but continues through to the dark phase of the moon when the energy is at it weakest.  At this point life goes back to normal – albeit a new normal – as new thoughts and actions have crept in and become new habits.  Because the program is gentle and doesn’t take a large commitment within daily life it can be continued for another cycle.  Or take a break and jump back on-board when the time is right again.

Following the seasons (as well as the lunar astrology) we know those times of transition are the most powerful – the Equinoxes of March and September, and the Solstices of June and December – making these months the best months for manifesting change in your life..

The Weekly Program

Week 1 – a gentle start where we document a personal goal for the Challenge, sending a few signals to the Universe to commit to the change.  Energy will be low so we incorporate plenty of fresh fruit (and veges) into our diet.

Week 2 – with the New Moon we identify the foods and habits that will be let go of during the next 4 weeks.  We write the New Moon to-do/intention list and determine what and when things need to be done.

Week 3 – we tackle breaking the sugar issue head on.  With substitute foods and other activities. 

Week 4 – our focus turns more towards the emotions and thoughts that drive our days and actions.

Week 5 – is a wrap on the Challenge and a chance to see the shifts that have already taken place.  It can also be week 1, as you start again but not from the same place.

Like the fact that yoga without breath is exercise (which is still good for you), this program without yoga will only take you part of the way.  A commitment to a 10 – 15 minute daily yoga self-practice truly unlocks your full potential for change. 

Logistically about 30 minutes a day is needed to work through the self-study and practical tasks that support the Challenge.

The next biggest part is the support that the group provides each other.  That’s where the magic happens.