About The Company - 35 Day Detox

“Our ambition is to provide a knowledge hub, where people can reconnect, be empowered to take control of their own wellbeing, and live happy healthier lives.”

Our Story

35 Day Detox is a health and wellness company founded by Suz Stokes. Suz is driven by a passion and a strong desire to share the wealth of knowledge she has learned on her own journey to wellness. 

Authenticity – We stay true to ourselves.

Compassion – We listen and guide.

Connection – We teach and provide support.

Our 35 Day Detox program helps people from all walks of life truly manifest change and transform their lives. We provide the education, resources, and support so that we can help people move forward to living a life with more spiritual connection, better control of their emotional wellbeing, and a positive relationship with exercise and food.

How we support your health and wellness


Suz is an educator, a teacher, not a life coach. We believe education is the first step when it comes to breaking old habits and creating a framework for real change.

Spiritual Connection

Our health and wellness programmes also give people spiritual guidance and tools that help people feel more connected and live more mindfully.

Self-health Ownership

Through the 35 Day Detox Program we want to empower people to take ownership of their own health. We teach people to listen to their bodies, connect with their minds and create the best version of themselves. 


We believe that good health is about putting all the pieces in the puzzle together – or connecting the dots. If we have a sense of purpose, a sense of connection, and our mental and physical fitness needs are met, this is when we live with true wellbeing. 

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