the Company

35 Day Detox is all about health and wellness.  It’s a number of different (ancient) systems combined in a unique way to make change the natural outcome. 

Our core values are Authenticity, Compassion, and Connection.  And we have one over-riding passion “to provide the framework upon which you can develop the best version of yourself”.  It’s all here, ready for you to work the system, so you can be uniquely You.

The Company

In 2015 the company 35 Day Detox Limited was registered in New Zealand.  Operating from the Kapiti Coast and online, it’s mission is to be a voice for all things health and well-being related.  Yes Personal Development, but beyond that – Conservation, Animal Welfare, Family, Climate Change and Sustainability.  Because as Humans we cannot evolve without taking the Whole into consideration.  It’s not Gaia that we are killing – its ourselves.

35 Day Detox Limited is presently donating funds to the Kapiti Women’s Centre.  We are looking for appropriate partners interested in helping build this community of change (please email us to discuss further).

The Author

Suzanne Stokes has taken her personal experience, of breaking habits of unhealthy eating patterns and their resultant numerous physical and mental aliments, and created a blueprint for personal transformation.  And as is often the case in mid-life it created a shift from Corporate Executive to that of an Endurance Athlete.  She has combined her love of Astrology, Feng Shui, Ayurveda, Raw Foods, Fitness and Yoga to provide a holistic approach to lasting change.

The Recipe Book

It started one day with a discussion at coffee after triathlon training.  Suz offered to provide some of her recipes to help others fuel appropriately for the training sessions.  First was the healthy smoothies, and then breakfasts and snacks.  Suddenly the book had a life of it’s own and had become the reference for all the healthy recipes we could think of. 

The Challenges

Using the contents of the 2014 recipe book of the same name; 35 Day Detox – Manifesting Change, we have developed a series of guided programs that provides a framework of activities that will touch various parts of your life.  This program “the 35 Day Detox Challenge” has been successfully running for over 5 years.  Each Challenge is different as we recognise the influence of the lunar cycle, and we spiral on towards health and happiness. 

So if you are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, or just in need of a change; this program is the perfect one to hit the reset button with.

Above all this website is about spreading the word on healthy living. 

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