Raising your Energy Vibration – tuning the Frequencies

Energy in Motion – our life-force

Everything is energy, energy is always moving, and it’s vibrating – and it vibrates at its own particular frequency.  The lower the frequency the denser the matter. 

Humans are no different.  Our cells are made up of electrical, chemical, and biological activities.  Radios tune to various stations

The old saying goes something along the lines that you’ll never meet an intelligent radio.  A very simple example of the person who is always talking and therefore never learns anything new.

But what about the ability to tune the radio to another frequency.  Can we change the vibration of our bodies?  And the answer is yes.  Our bodies are made up of cells, and within cells is the DNA.

We can change the chemical makeup of the cell by what we eat.  Foods that are fresh vibrate higher.  Animal products have a negative vibration as they carry the trauma of their life and death.  Processed and microwaved foods are devoid of energy.

Our emotional state contributes greatly to our frequency.  Watching violent or negative images are absorbed.  Stress, fear and anxiety also negatively contribute.

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