Yoga Series 1 warmup – Sun Salutation Sequence

The Sun Salutation is the basic warm-up sequence to begin a yoga practice. 

Stand steady, inhale and reach for the sky, exhale and Forward Fold, inhale and look forward to a Half Lift, exhale step back leading with the right leg to Plank, drop to a Low Plank, inhale and push through the hands to Updog, exhale and roll over the toes to Downdog, inhale and step forward leading with the right leg to Half lift, exhale Forward Fold, inhale reach tall again, exhale hands to side of the body.  Repeat leading with the left leg.  This is one round, do between 3 – 8 rounds to warmup fully.

Forward Fold

Fold from the hips with a flat back
Engage core as you fold
Bend knees until hamstrings warmup
Look towards the knees


Straighten legs as you come onto fingertips
Lengthen through the spine
Pull shoulders away from ears


Drop hips so body (including head) is in one long line
Push through heels to straighten legs
Keep arms strong and chest wide
Engage core muscles

Low Plank

Elbows bend and stay close to the body
Body stays strong in one long line
Drop to knees if necessary


Roll forward onto the tops of the feet
Push through the hands to create lift
Hips and knees come off the floor
Shoulders over hands


Hands shoulder width apart and feet hip width apart
Push through hands to lengthen the spine
Drop heels towards the floor
Look towards the knees
Use this as a resting position for up to 5 breaths