Using Nutrition products with the Challenge

Week 1

  • Add a cup of the Detox Tea to your morning ritual.

35 day detox online program january 2018 Have it directly after your morning lemon water to add hydration, or replace a morning coffee with this tea.

This is a caffeine free herbal tea with dandelion, peppermint and ginseng.  It gently helps stimulate the digestive system.  The ginseng will give you a natural energy lift. 

Note: you may find it more difficult to get to sleep for a few nights as the body adapts to the higher energy levels.  It will settle, pay attention to that time right before bed and ensure you are winding down mentally as well as physically.


  • Have the individual Meal Replacement sachets and rather than snack on cookies or junk food have one of these instead.  You will get a balance of carbs, protein and fat that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Week 2

  • Add a scoop Daily Fibre to your daily breakfast.  One of the ingredients in Inulin (a probiotic)

Consider replacing one meal a day with the protein supplement if weight-loss is your goal

Fizz sticks can be your friend if you want to eliminate the daily coffee habit

Week 3