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Suz with Arbonne products
Suzanne Stokes – Arbonne Independent Consultant

Suz says “The catch-cry of any online business is  – be a product of the product, and after 18 months using the sports nutrition, daily supplements, and skin-care I can happily say that I am.  The Arbonne products align with my ethics – no animal testing, a long list of items they don’t include, and a commitment to being vegan.”

There is a fine line between superfoods and supplements – Arbonne products contain ingredients that we recognise.  Best of all they feed the body with the nutrients that we are sadly lacking in most food (organic and home-grown included).

Each month a group of us join the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program. 

  • The good news is what’s not present: There is no requirement to become a representative, or buy a minimum quantity per month.  “You will not find any hard-sell or hustle here.
  • And the better news is what is present.  A genuine desire to help people achieve an improved state of health.  Whether that be potentially less use of medicine, weight-loss, or improved mental clarity. For sure it will provide increased energy to allow you to reset unhealthy eating habits.

I recommend you start as a Preferred Client as you will get the 20% discount (valid for 12 months) on all purchases immediately.  It also gives you a chance to experience the benefits of the products for yourself.  Again, let’s be clear, you do not have to “do” any business.  Get access to great products – and further your journey to health and wellness – that’s the number 1 priority.

So how do I join?
  1. Click here to open the Arbonne website
  2. Choose the Country/Language that is appropriate for you.  The default is New Zealand/English – so change that as necessary!
  3. Click Register, and choose the Preferred Client option. Click the button Start Saving.  Enter your details.
  4. My details should appear – but if not – the Arbonne Independent Consultant ID is 640025735
  5. Confirm details and head into the online Shop.
  6. To join the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program – click the Special Offers/Arbonne Special Value Packs for Preferred Clients for the discounted Bundle option.  Or jump straight to the ASVP code #1468.  Choose the flavours you prefer.  We recommend the Body Cleanse as part of the pack.
  7. Email us to join the private Facebook group. 
  8. The group cutoff is the last day of the month – for joining the next month – the first week is education week – and the following 4 weeks are the Program.
  9. Suggestions on using the products with the 35 Day Detox program – click here.
  10. Questions, email or message Suz for assistance. 

I can’t help but be passionate about the chance to spread the word of healthy living options.  With gratitude, Suz

Suzanne Stokes
Independent Consultant – ID 640025735