35 Day Detox Program starting 3 October 2018


Our signature online program.  5 weeks of personal transformation via weekly emails, regular private Facebook or Messenger groups, supporting video content, bonus info-sheets.

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Feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, or just need to change. This program is perfect for you to hit the reset button with and get on-track.

Starting October 3rd – the 35 Day Detox Challenge – a five week program will create a healthier and happier you. Here we provide the framework to allow you to journey into your thoughts and actions, and make small changes that create a sense of ease and alignment with your true purpose.  Your choice as to how deep you dive!

Suz with 35 Day Detox recipe book
Author Suz guides the online program

Join us for inspiration and motivation…Led by Suz Stokes, based on her 2014 book 35 Day Detox – Manifesting Change.  Connect to the lunar cycle, nature’s guiding hand to explore where you are and how to make subtle yet profound changes.  Leave no stone unturned – combine the principles of …

  • Astrology (what are the influences of the Eclipses, the Planets, the Sun and the Moon)
  • Numerology (see the energies at play in all things)
  • Whole Food Recipes (family friendly, economical and quick to prepare)
  • Feng Shui (read the signs your environment for insight)
  • Yoga (videos instructions for a variety of levels)
What you get:
  • Weekly challenges via email
  • Access to a private FB Support Group for the Challenge
  • Weekly video content to explain the astrology and dive deeper into the challenge
  • Regular posts and messages to inspire change
  • Bonus info-sheets (decluttering, juice fasting, setting intentions)
  • Prior to September 10th a full refund if it’s not a fit for you


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